Ending Of The Wave.

Published April 25, 2011 by Nicole

In the end of the wave. A lot of things went on. Most things the happened at the end, I thought would never happen. Also Mr.Ross does some thinking about the wave, does he stop it? What is going to happen between Laurie and David this time?

In the last few chapters Laurie actually went to a rally. Then she started to fight with a member of The Wave. She was telling him that just because, she doesn’t  salute doesn’t mean she isn’t allowed in the stands. Most of the wave members were complaining that the news paper were written about The Wave. And how bad it was, and it needed to end as soon as possible. Wave members were saying that it’s not a bad of a group, and no one should be saying anything about it. To me I honestly think anyone should be aloud to join if they really wanted to. For the ones that don’t join shouldn’t be complaining about it. Later in the book Mr.Ross and his wife have a talk, about how the wave needed to end. He agreed but never stopped it. Parents, teachers were complaining about how The Wave went to far.

One night Laurie was in school doing something.  The school was dark and when she got out to her locker.  She had found a not with a threat on it. She heard footsteps coming towards her, it kept coming closer, so she started to run. Laurie got to the doors they were locked, till she found the door beside it un-lock and safely got out. She made it out in to the parking lot still running. Then David was waiting for her to come out, he started grabbing  her and he pushing her down  because of what she said in the newspaper about The Wave. And how he says that none of it is true. David got out of control and pushed her down on the ground. After David finally realized what he have done to her was wrong. He started thinking about The Wave and how it has gone to far. David helped her up, and they talked about The Wave. The walked over to Mr. Ross’s house and told that he should really end The Wave. It was gone way out of control.

I think these chapters were good. I thought David was going to hurt Laurie even worse then what he did. He should of thought before he had done anything to her. I thought Mr.Ross was going to say something to Laurie and David to hurt their feelings about The Wave. But he actually agreed and put a stop to it. I thought that was a huge surprise in the book. Mr.Ross is my favorite character in this book. Until he took the Wave a little bit out of hand. Then closer to then end he went a long with them and everything worked out.

The very end of the book was a surprise I never thought to see Mr.Ross go up to Robert and say we need to talk. ( that’s how the book ended.) I didn’t like the way it ended. I thought it wouldn’t end anything close to that. But I guess I was wrong. During the whole book I had a feeling the book was going to end very poorly.


The Wave 9-12 .

Published April 19, 2011 by Nicole

In the chapter nine to twelve, a lot of things happened. Mr.Ross does an experiment, everyone takes it to far. Principal Owens had Mr.Ross in the office and talked about the wave. Laurie receives a letter from someone. She talked to David, and some thing came down between them. Laurie’s parents are concerned about Laurie with the wave.

So Mr.Ross is starting an experiment in class. He took it way to far, everybody is getting involved. The whole school is involved. They are even having a pep rally, Laurie won’t even attend. They spend half of their class time talking or doing something about the wave. Mr. Ross got called to see principal Owens. He started talking to him about the wave, and thinking he should stop with the whole thing, & he does not want parents coming down to complain about the wave. But Mr.Ross never thought the wave would get this far. Then their was Laurie started wondering about the wave ever since she got that letter from someone. They left it under the door. David walked in and asked Laurie is she was going to the pep rally, and she said no. They got into a argument and David broke up with her. She was broken inside. & she thinks the wave was a bad idea to start.

Response: Honestly I think the wave was good at first, then after everything went to far I kind of think they should of never started it. I think most students are getting carried away with this. Most of the kids are getting bullied, and they keep joining the wave. Mr.Ross should of not took it to this level. I thought Laurie and David would never break up. But she was getting pressured under the whole wave thing. David liked the wave. But he lost the girl he loves to the wave, because she only cares about herself, and needs to be perfect. The one part I thought was weird was when Laurie got that letter from someone. I think that was totally wrong, and made her worry even more about the wave, and she never wanted to. Their is so much drama in the book. But the book is great.

The Wave 5-8

Published April 13, 2011 by Nicole

In chapters five to eight, in my response it is moistly about what really happened through the chapters. Mr.Ross gets into a lot more research and ends up getting member ship cards for his history class. So many things happened with Mr.Ross in these four chapters. The characters seem a bit different then last time. especially Laurie. She doesn’t seem like the girl she was at the first four chapters. So I wrote about what happened and some things that I thought.

My response in chapters five to eight. Well a lot of things happened with Mr.Ross. He is still trying to figure things out. He still sits at home and researched about it. Everyday in class he doesn’t something different. Even the students are curious about it to. But not as much as Mr.Ross. He went from Strength Through Discipline to giving out membership cards of the wave. When he gets home and Christy, Mr.Ross wife. They talk about the wave because he is curious about it, and wants to find an answer. Then he gets Christy wondering about the wave to.  Laurie does not know anything about the wave, she gets picked on in class about the Nazi’s, concentration camps, and about WWII. She does not know any answer to the questions.

My favourite part in the book is when Mr.Ross hands out memeber ship cards to the students, and they have no idea what it is about. All they know it is abou the wave. They all look at the card funny., thinking why they have it. And wondering about the wave. What I think is going to happen next is that Mr.Ross is going to find a lot more information. Trying to get answers, and I think the class is actually going to help find this out to. I think Laurie is going to change a lot. I don’t think she is going to try to help Mr.Ross and her classmates out. She seems like she doesn’t like to help out a lot.

The Wave

Published April 10, 2011 by Nicole

In chapters through one and four. The beginning started of a bit slow. I am going to tell you about the beginning of the book. So the first chapter was a bit slow. It was kind of boring to read until you get into the middle of the second chapter. That’s when I found it a little bit more interesting.

In the first chapter we met Laurie Saunders and she is one of the main characters in the book. She had a boyfriend named David Collins and her best friend is Amy Smith. Laurie is bothered by what happened in WWII, she really seems to care about it, but its all over now. & then their is Mr.Ross the history teacher, he seems very interesting. Everyone always ask’s him questions about WWII and the Nazi’s. He also seems confused how he doesn’t know how to answer it. Another character in the book is Robert. He always sits alone and no one will even talk to him. But him and his brother are totally opposite from each other. His brother is popular in school.

My response for chapters one to four. Many things happened, the author introduced the characters, told us a little bit about them. Laurie is the one that got enrolled into Gordon High School. She attends Mr. Ross history class. She is also the editor-in-chief for the school newspaper The Gordon Grapevine. She has short light brown hair and she almost always has a smile on her face, she also likes to chew on bic pens. Another character is Amy Smith known as Laurie’s best friend. Both of them are straight A student’s in school.  And their is David Collins which is Laurie’s boyfriend. He is tall, good looking guy, who was a running back on the football team. Then Mr. Ross, he has been teaching at the Gordon High School for two years. He is a smart guy, but he gets really frustrated when it comes to technology. & in class he showed the students films and told them what WWII was about and the Nazi’s, concentration camps, Hitler, and Germany.  Most of the students acted emotional about it. He couldn’t answer most questions. So at home every night he would research about it.


Published January 22, 2011 by Nicole

Their are many conflicts happening in the book. So much things are going on. Now Hans was included in many things during the Book Thief. Starting of with the jews. It was a huge thing about Hans.

Hans was inside when he saw Jews marching down. So the Hans went outside just because if the Jew’s marching down the street. I guess he was wondering what they were doing. He brought bread with him to the Jew. They were talking , and some Nazi’s saw them and they went up to them. First the Jew’s got whipped by the Nazi’s then Hans did. Almost after 2 minutes or less Hans just layed their for a bit and got up. After that when he was at home. Nazi’s came to his door and he opened it. He was a bit surprised. Hans said they were looking for Alex Steiner. But they signed Hans to be a Nazi. So now Hans is picking up dead bodies everywhere.


Skin Bleaching..

Published January 13, 2011 by Nicole

In Jamaica skin bleaching became a problem. Everyone kept on getting it over and over again. Why does this keep happening?  All because of this one cream people used. It was sold from Jamaica and it worked it’s way over to Europe and North America. Of course it wasn’t a big problem but it was bad for you. The cream is called skin lightening cream. All people thought it was ok to do this. But it made your skin dry, and it would always peel after a couple of days. People go through 2 things of skin lightening cream in two weeks or less.

Sure it was not a big change on people’s skin. It made them look different.
I think people shouldn’t do this, it doesn’t do anything good for you. But I guess that’s what they want.

Flood Disasters.

Published January 6, 2011 by Nicole

In the start of July and August their was a huge flood in South Asia. It was even the worst flood in 80 years. People lost their clothes, cooking supplies, they lost many important things. Everybody suffered and most people became homeless. All the people that lived their had to start their life over again from scratch.  The flood claimed 2000 more then lives, All the rain flooded the streets, & the Indus rover over flowed. The water looked dirty. It was a brown looking color. It was bright. All the stuff everything they had out on the streets have been destroyed.

I wonder how many life’s have been changed from the flood? Did anything get fixed or took down. I wonder what people did for a living, did they just sit on the street share homes with other people. I think people should of got most of their things back. Living without anything must be hard for them. They might be use to it but it is a horrible thing that happens in life. No one deserves to have nothing after a big thing happened around the place.